Track Action Frequent Rider Rewards Program


When you reach each of the four(4) levels on the ladder below you automatically go into the draw on the morning of the ride day you entered that took you to that level and that provides you with the opportunity to win that levels reward prize on the day. The count then kicks onto the next level and so on, right up to the ninth day at which time you will be provided with a credit for your next ride day. If you do more than ten ride days in a year that is great! Your count will then restart towards your next ninth day until the year is up. Then after eleven days in a year you become a Platinum Plus Ride!

*Terms and Conditions apply.


* Terms and Conditions
Frequent rider rewards count started 1 January 2019 and expire on 30 December 2019

To be eligible for the draw the ride day is to be booked by 11pm prior to the event date and you must be signed on.
The Platinum and Platinum Plus level reward is non transferrable to another person as are each riders ride day count.
The rider must be in attendance at the draw which will occur during the riders briefing and the name that is drawn out of the hat for each level is the winner and that is final.

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