Streetcar Superlaps

Superlaps - also known throughout the world as Time Attack and Sprints is a timed based event where you can bring your street or race car to build your best time and race the clock!

On the night prior to the Streetcar Superlaps session there will be a half an hour Happy Laps session for the entrants (street registered cars only) and the public can also participate for $20 on track from 6:00pm. Drivers briefing will be at approximately 6:45pm, to be on track at 7:00pm.

Sprint Format: 3 x 5 lap sessions with bonus sessions until 11pm time permitting.

How Streetcar Superlaps are Run:

Sign on for Streetcar Superlaps opens at 5pm.

For sign on you are required to have photo I.D as well as your RACERS licence (or proof of purchase of the RACERS licence i.e confirmation email). At sign on you will be allocated a timer. The timer should be affixed to the front of your car. Cars must display numbers on them, if you do not have a preferred number one will be allocated to you, laminated numbers can be picked up at sign on.

You may park in the carport bays, provided there is an available spot and that the event before has finished and no longer requires them.

Driver’s Briefing for Streetcar Superlaps starts at 6:45pm. All driver’s MUST attend the briefing.

Groups will be displayed at the race office. These groups will let you know the running order for the event. Groups will be done based on times. If your name is not listed or if you believe you are in the wrong group, please speak to the event manager (the person who gave the briefing). Overtaking is only allowed on straights for added safety so that yourself as a driver can concentrate on putting down their fastest time. 

Streetcar Superlaps is on track at 7:00pm.

Timing will be uploaded to Natsoft.

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