Some general information

How do we run your days?

We want to maximise the amount of time you have on track so Track Action ride days consist of four separate groups that a rider can choose from according to their skill and experience levels. When everything runs really well and we look like finishing early; time allowing an extra session will potentially be offered to either a combined Formula and GT group or combined Corsa and FX group depending which is the larger in number on the day and has the most remaining participants.

The *Four Track Action Groups You Can Enter:

Formula Group / For entry level riders and those who prefer to ride at a more casual pace.

GT Group / For riders who want to take a step up in pace from the Formula Group.

Corsa Group / For advanced riders who have experience and pace beyond either the Formula or GT groups and consider they are ready to ride in a group that allows under taking.

FX Group / Similar to the Corsa group but for the most experienced track riders whom most often have dedicated purpose built track bikes that they ride at pace beyond the first three groups.

*If, in our absolute discretion, we decide that the group you are in is too fast or too slow for you then you will be reallocated to a group which is at a similar pace and performance to your own.

What happens if you have a crash?

Whenever a rider goes down and causes a red flag/light we will always dispatch the medical team to check them out. If the rider remounts and rides off before the medical team reaches them the rider will be required to go to the Medical Centre for a check-up before they will be allowed to go out on the track again. The procedure for how this is done will be covered in detail during the compulsory Riders Briefing at 8:30 AM on the Ride Day.

The bike will be recovered between sessions and must be examined by our Tech Inspector and like with any fallen rider must be checked by medical the bike likewise must be checked by the Tech Inspector before it can go back out on the track again.

Are you allowed to put cameras and stuff on your bike?

Yes but there are a number of restrictions. Firstly, our Tech Inspector is the final judge as to whether the mountings and/or connections of these devices to the bike are safe enough. Cameras need to be affixed to the machine with a second tether.
Secondly we do not allow things like iPads, timing equipment or anything else which is likely to distract you from giving your full attention to writing and controlling your machine.

Do you have to be 18 or older than 18 to take part?

No, we can accept junior riders as long as they have actually had their 14th birthday and if their parent or legal guardian is with them. If the parent or guardian leaves the ride day venue the junior will not be permitted on the track until they return. Junior riders between fourteen and sixteen years of age will be restricted to L plate “Learner legal’ based motorcycles of less than 500 cc in capacity, however they can be modified motorcycles that are race bikes as long as they are eligible to compete in either the MA based 300 or FX based 400 Supersport classes. If a rider is under sixteen then they cannot ride in either the FX or Corsa groups.

Should you be using tyre warmers?

Yes; using tyre warmers has a number of advantages when it comes to safety and the longevity of your tyres. Going out on cold tyres and having to judge when they come “on temperature” requires a great deal of experience and far too many riders have left the track because they misjudged the state of the tyres. Tyre warmers also diminish the degradation caused by wide range heat cycles by helping to keep the rubber at a more constant temperature.

Will you get a chance to learn the track before you go out on it?

Yes; we actually encourage people to walk the track prior to our opening pit exit at 09:00. We will also schedule a 10-minute observation and orientation session for newbies to the track, during which you are not allowed to exceed 60 km/h. Anybody exceeding this speed once can expect to have their day cancelled; do it twice and they can expect to have all of their future days cancelled too.

Is there any special preparation you should do for your bike for days like these?

Yes, at the very least you should do the following:

Lubricate the chain & wipe off excess oil and adjust to the correct tension.

Fit knobs on foot pegs to protect the track surface

Mirrors taped over and preferably folded in but preferably removed.

Brake lights and tail lights must be nonoperational.  If you are unable to disconnect the brake and tail lights, they must be taped over so that no light becomes visible from them.  

Headlights may remain untaped but glass headlights must be taped over.

Tyres must be in good condition with plenty of tread and only street or road racing tyres (including slicks) are allowed (i.e. no dirt bike knobbies etc.).

The valve stems MUST have caps on them

Tape over your wheel weights

Control levers must have ball ends at least 10 mm in diameter

Fully operational brakes both front and rear.

Engine kill switch on handlebar.

Kickstand must be spring loaded and self-retaining — it must not be able to “accidentally” come down.  If you have a set of stands we strongly recommend you zip tie the kickstand in place and if your bike has a kickstand kill switch this is even more necessary.

What personal safety gear should I bring with me?

At the very least you must have:

  • An undamaged helmet which meets the required AS standards, or the equivalent.
  • Leather gauntlets that provide protection for knuckles and wrists and overlap your suit
  • motorcycle boots completely covering your ankles finishing about halfway up the calf
  • a 1-piece leather suit; or 2 piece on the proviso the pieces fully zip together
  • spine protection either built into the suit or meeting appropriate standards

Do you have “Race your Mates” sessions in your ride days?

Sometimes we will run these as a group but in place of a regular ride day group. If you have an interest in this special form of Entry/Low level competition please send your details to and we will put your name on the “Race your Mates” mailing list to advise when and where we will be running them.

Is there a “waiting list” available if I miss out on an entry?

Yes, this is a manual function so send your request to

What happens if it rains?

We always ride! The track is paid for and the track operator does not allow for last-minute cancellations. If this is a concern for you we suggest you pre-purchase the “I’ll ride another day” insurance policy prior to the ride day when you pre-purchase your ride day spot, which allows you to make a last-minute cancellation without losing your entry fee.

Talking about insurance, what happens if I get injured?

Track Action has provided Personal Accident Insurance benefits through its relationship with RACERS and the RACERS Clubman Licence system which enables you to participate in many different RACERS recreational sanctioned activities, both two and four wheeled. A full schedule of the benefits of this Personal Accident Insurance is available from the RACERS website: RACERS.WORLD.

Are there any hints or tips to make the day more rewarding and physically easier?

Yes, he is a few to start with:

To keep yourself safe you must maintain concentration, so we recommend that you remove distractions that is why we recommend that you remove mirrors and cover up the speedo – so that you focus on the track in front of you rather than looking down at your dash and taking your eyes off the track unnecessarily.

Stay cool, look after the bike and yourself for your next session - we want you to get the full value of your entry fee so don’t end your day prematurely by going too hard too early.

Here in Australia, Ride days can be very hot, and wearing leather suit can add to your bodies heat build-up, which makes it imperative that you stay hydrated, drink a LOT of fluids such as energy drinks and water but do not drink too much coffee because it is a diuretic.

Always ride at a pace that is comfortably within your limits and always give your fellow rider space please again remember that these are recreational days not race days so the overtaking rider is always in the wrong - if an overtaking manoeuvre goes wrong then they have selfishly endangering another rider through their impatience.


As the day progresses and things heat up, check & adjust tyre pressures.

Stay inspired, talk to others in the pit area to see what you are doing well and what you might need some help with and remember to stay well hydrated.

What is your cancellation policy?

For those who like to pre-book well in advance their ride days to guarantee their spots for the year or a major part thereof, you can cancel your day up to 30 days prior at no cost.
Up to two weeks prior to the event you can transfer your ride day to another available date (once) or  you can find somebody else to take it over from you. There is a transfer fee of $60


What will your tech inspector be looking at?
If you want to sail through the Tech inspection check your brake pads, make sure they are not more than half worn out. make sure your brake lines, forks, seals and any other parts of the bike are not leaking any fluids and that all fluids are at the right levels. Double check the throttle return springs and the throttle is self closing fully and freely. Check the oil level, tighten your filter & drain plug. Tighten the bars/rear sets and make sure all your bodywork is securely fastened. Additionally, check your chain adjustment and coolant levels. Your tyres must be well above the wear bars, make sure to check your tyre pressure. If you are not sure what tyre pressure you should run, check with our tyre provider.

If any of these don’t check out during the Tech Inspection, you will have to fix them before being allowed out on the track.

Can you hire me equipment to use on the day?

Yes, we have quite a wide range of equipment available for rental but to make sure that we have what you might need we do recommend that you notify us ahead of time as we cannot take all of our equipment to every track that we deliver ride days at. Again, either just book the equipment on line or send a note to if you have some special requirements or que

Western Australia powered carport hire

Track Action has not increased its fees by $20 per bike .

What’s the $20 for then?

When we started out on this process the point was discussed that some ride day customers prefer to use their own pop-ups instead of renting a carport. To be fair to those people it was decided between WASCC and Track Action that those customers wishing to use a carport could make their own arrangements with the club as the club is already set up to deal with the renting of the carports and the fee would be $20 per bike per event. This is entirely fair because the club not only paid to have these carports built; but also for the electricity that our customers consume with their tyre warmers etc.

A few selfish individuals have complained to WASCC about having to pay for the use of these facilities but insisted on being able to use the facilities anyway.  This is unfair to the club and even more so to its members who do pay for the use of the carports even though it was their money that built them.

Track Action believes in fairness above all things and it will NOT support this type of unfair, chiselling behaviour - expecting to use other peoples’ facilities without paying for them will result in the withdrawal of access to those facilities. NOT a good outcome. As the overwhelming number of customers do want to use the carports and are willing to pay for the use of them we have taken the decision to collect the $20 from every Track Action Ride Day customer on behalf of the WASCC and pass that money through to them. Customers can still use their pop-ups but there will always be a carport and power available for them.

By now, everyone must know just how hard it has been for the WASCC and the investment that has been made by Track Action to get two wheel activities back at Barbagallo.  It is your choice but if you do not want to support that effort and investment by paying a fair price for the facilities you use, we would prefer that you take your custom elsewhere.


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