Hints & Tips for the Day

Are there any hints or tips to make the day more rewarding and physically  easier?

Yes, here are a few to start with:

  • To keep yourself safe you must maintain concentration, so we recommend that you remove distractions that is why we recommend that you remove mirrors and cover up the speedo – so that you focus on the track in front of you rather than looking down at your dash and taking your eyes off the track unnecessarily.
  • Stay cool, look after the bike and yourself for your next session - we want you to get the full value of your entry fee so don’t end your day prematurely by going too hard too early.
  • Here in Australia, Ride days can be very hot, and wearing leather suit can add to your bodies heat build-up, which makes it imperative that you stay hydrated, drink a LOT of fluids such as energy drinks and water but do not drink too much coffee because it is a diuretic.
  • Always ride at a pace that is comfortably within your limits and always give your fellow rider space please again remember that these are recreational days not race days so the overtaking rider is always in the wrong - if an overtaking manoeuvre goes wrong then they have selfishly endangering another rider through their impatience.
  • As the day progresses and things heat up, check & adjust tyre pressures.
  • Stay inspired, talk to others in the pit area to see what you are doing well and what you might need some help with and remember to stay well hydrated.

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