Rider Groups

 *Induction Group
 Mandatory Entry Level Group for riders new to Ride days.
 Formula Group
 Next step up from the Induction Group and for those who prefer to ride at a more casual pace. (no undertaking into corners)
 GT Group
 For riders who want to take another step up in pace from the Formula Group. (again no undertaking into corners)
 Corsa Group
 First of the two Groups for advanced riders who have experience and ride at pace. (undertaking safely into corners allowed)
 FX Group
 Second of the top two groups for experienced riders who ride at pace. (again undertaking safely into corners allowed)

Moto Superlaps 
The Moto Superlaps series is open to everyone with a road registered or track based bike this is an easy and fun way to get into racing without the usual pressure and hassles that has been required previously. (Limited to qualifying laps times at Barbagallo Raceway is between 64–70 sec)

 Please be aware that if, in our absolute discretion, we decide that the group you are in is either too fast or too slow for you then you may be reallocated to a group which is at a similar pace and performance to your own.
 *Entry Level ‘Induction Group’ 
 The induction group is an entry level group for riders new to ride days at RACERS sanctioned ride days.
 Rider training is provided throughout the day to increase riders confidence and skills to an acceptable level so they can safely integrate into other ride day groups. The induction group is mandatory for new riders. unless you can prove an acceptable level of competence, all track riders who would like to take advantage of this service are encouraged to enter the Induction Group.
 This industry leading initiative is delivered by motoDNA Riders Academy in partnership with the RACERS Group.

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