Facts and Questions

What happens if you have a crash?

Whenever a rider goes down and causes a red flag/light we will always dispatch the medical team to check them out. If the rider remounts and rides off before the medical team reaches them the rider will be required to go to the Medical Centre for a check-up before they will be allowed to go out on the track again. The procedure for how this is done will be covered in detail during the compulsory Riders Briefing at 8:30 AM on the Ride Day.

The bike will be recovered between sessions and must be examined by our Tech Inspector and like with any fallen rider must be checked by medical the bike likewise must be checked by the Tech Inspector before it can go back out on the track again.

Are you allowed to put cameras and stuff on your bike?

Yes but there are a number of restrictions. Firstly, our Tech Inspector is the final judge as to whether the mountings and/or connections of these devices to the bike are safe enough. Cameras need to be affixed to the machine with a second tether.
Secondly we do not allow things like iPads, timing equipment or anything else which is likely to distract you from giving your full attention to being in control of your machine.

Do you have to be 18 or older than 18 to take part?

No, we can accept junior riders as long as they have actually had their 14th birthday and if their parent or legal guardian is with them. If the parent or guardian leaves the ride day venue the junior will not be permitted on the track until they return. Junior riders between fourteen and sixteen years of age will be restricted to L plate “Learner legal’ based motorcycles of less than 500 cc in capacity, however they can be modified motorcycles that are race bikes as long as they are eligible to compete in either the MA based 300 or FX based 400 Supersport classes. If a rider is under sixteen then they cannot ride in either the FX or Corsa groups. Riders between sixteen and eighteen years of age can ride up to 850cc Supersport style machines.

Should you be using tyre warmers?

Yes; using tyre warmers has a number of advantages when it comes to safety and the longevity of your tyres. Going out on cold tyres and having to judge when they come “on temperature” requires a great deal of experience and far too many riders have left the track because they misjudged the state of the tyres. Tyre warmers also diminish the degradation caused by wide range heat cycles by helping to keep the rubber at a more constant temperature.

Will you get a chance to learn the track before you go out on it?

Yes; we actually encourage people to walk the track prior to our opening pit exit at 09:00. The track must be cleared by 8:45am so we can make final checks before starting the day.

What happens if it rains?

A damp/wet and or drying track on its own is not a reason to cancel a ride day as tracks do dry out if the weather changes. If the day starts out with heavy rain prior to the first session and the forecast is for a break in the weather to happen then we may decide to start the on track action later so the track has a chance to dry. If however the rain is torrential with a negative forecast on the BOM then chances are we will cancel the day. If we do cancel the day prior to getting underway then your entry fee will be transferred to a later day at no cost providing you attended the track and signed on.

Talking about insurance, what happens if I get injured?

Track Action has provided Personal Accident Insurance benefits through its relationship with RACERS and the RACERS Clubman Licence system which enables you to participate in many different RACERS recreational sanctioned activities, both two and four wheeled. A full schedule of the benefits of this Personal Accident Insurance is available from the RACERS website: RACERS.WORLD.

What is our cancellation / transfer policy?

We advise everyone where possible to enter well in advance to secure their spot and allow us to pre-plan the day.
You can only cancel or transfer your day if you have (Just In Case) JIC cover. JIC cover is $49.95 and must be purchased online when you enter the event. JIC cover allows you to reschedule your ride day once per cover.  


**Please note at RACERS sanctioned Track Action Moto Ride Day the Event Day Manager reserves the right to combine on the day similar paced groups and or recommend that a rider move to another group when we believe it is in the riders and the other riders of the group they are entered in best interests.

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