Bike Preparation

Is there any special preparation you should do for your bike for days like these?

Yes, at the very least you should do and or check the following before you go through Tech Inspection:

  • Lubricate the chain & wipe off excess oil and adjust to the correct tension.
  • Fit knobs on foot pegs to protect the track surface
  • Mirrors taped over and preferably folded in but preferably removed.
  • Brake lights and tail lights must be nonoperational.  If you are unable to disconnect the brake and tail lights, they must be taped over so that no light becomes visible from them.  
  • Plastic Headlights may remain untaped but glass headlights must be taped over.
  • Tyres must be in good condition with plenty of tread and only street or road racing tyres (including slicks) are allowed (i.e. no dirt bike knobbies etc.).
  • The valve stems MUST have caps on them
  • Tape over your wheel weights
  • Fully operational brakes both front and rear.
  • Operational engine kill switch on handlebar.
  • No fluid leaks of any kind.
  • Throttle must return to shut position quickly when released.
  • Engine must idle at normal idle rpm when running.
  • Fork Seals and brake lines must not be leaking
  • Tighten Bar end weights
  • Kickstand must be spring loaded and self-retaining — it must not be able to “accidentally” come down.  If you have a set of stands we strongly recommend you zip tie the kickstand in place and if your bike has a kickstand kill switch this is even more necessary.

Please take note that if any of the above tech points do not pass the Tech Inspection then your motorcycle will not be passed to be ridden.

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